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Treasury Review & Benchmarking

By applying the skills and practices of high performing global corporates, our treasury consulting service can measure & identify areas where the business could significantly reduce cost, improve efficiencies and better control business risk; spanning areas such as idle or ‘trapped cash’, maximisation of working capital borrowing (such as factoring), unhedged currency exposures, poor intercompany settlement and loan structures and minimising bank fees & borrowing costs. The demands of everyday business mean this is an area where most financial controllers and FD’s aren’t able to devote the time necessary to review the overall value of existing banking relationships in such detail...  

Using a detailed analysis of the client’s bank balances and transactions and expert review of its banking costs, structure and arrangements, our objective is to enhance efficiency and identify areas for cost savings resulting in increased profitability.

The Review does not just focus on transaction cost (on which significant savings can be made) or lending margins but also validates that the most cost effective payment type or banking processes are being used.

Elite Treasury clients typically could expect to achieve significant benefits v initial cost from a treasury review, which would consider areas of the business such as:

  • Transactions – receipts and disbursement process
  • Banking maximisation
  • Liquidity management processes and controls
  • Balance sheet currency risk assessment and hedging programs
  • Balance sheet maximisation – efficient interco loan structuring
  • Intensive working capital management across the business
  • Organisational Cash management – idle cash elimination
Debt facility and interest cost management

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