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Elite Treasury’s Recommended Website Links

We think that you may find some or all of the following websites useful when researching treasury related topics, looking for industry news, information on specific treasury information, networking and developing new career opportunities.

https://ctmfile.com - Jack Large’s CTM File – Independent treasury website offering the latest treasury news, video treasury debates, industry developments,  case studies, and a wealth of valuable information covering Bank Relationship Management through to Working Capital Management.

http://www.globalbusinessculture.com - Global Business Culture - Specialist website offering world-class knowledge, training and resources in the critical and complex world of international business culture, a subject that every professional should learn more about.

https://www.treasurers.org - Official website of the UK Association of Corporate Treasurers, the Chartered Industry body, containing news, conference information, treasury articles, learning and jobs and one of the leading treasury educational bodies in Europe.

http://www.afponline.org - Association for Financial Professionals; U.S. based association representing finance professionals worldwide, with a strong bias towards treasury and cash management offering a host of information on treasury matters as well as formal education programmes.

http://treasurytoday.com - Treasury Today - Online version of the long established & highly respected European Treasury magazine containing tools, webinars, best practice, and archives full of treasury management resources.

http://www.treasury-management.com - TMI Magazine - Online Treasury news, articles and case studies with some excellent divs on “Doing Business in…” plus technology, and extensive coverage of industry topics.

http://www.thecorporatetreasurer.com - The Corporate Treasurer - Asia Pacific focused treasury website offering specific regional content for treasurers with a close interest in topics, providers, technology and industry developments in the area.