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Policy & Strategy

Outdated, deficient and missing treasury policies can cause confusion and mismanagement within treasury. Many corporates have no clearly defined policies to control areas such as treasury and cash management.  Auditors & Board members are placing an increasing emphasis on corporate governance and the need to demonstrate that extensive policies and procedures are in place to dictate how areas of risk are in the business.

Having a suitable approved treasury policy in place ensures that Board Directors sign off on the risk parameters associated with treasury activities and that treasury is clear on their operating boundaries.

Precisely drafted, clearly communicated, actionable and up-to-date policies are critical for governing your firm's treasury operations. Elite Treasury provide expert services to help you review, revise and stress test your policies to:

•Safeguard your firm's financial assets
•Guarantee proper controls
•Establish a solid governance framework
•Enable board and management oversight of critical treasury activities

Elite Treasury personnel have helped develop treasury policies and strategies for some of the world’s leading companies; we can review existing controls and procedures in companies or write new ones from scratch to ensure that they are effective, and to recommend such improvements that are appropriate with reference to the risks that are faced by the business.

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